About us

Our History

Chin’s Father started to sell Wanton Noodle at Penang at the age of 12.


After 4 years, Chin’s father decided to go to a noodle manufacturer named Li Gao (李高) to learn how to make wanton noodle as a trainee. At that time Li Gao is a famous noodle manufacturer and almost 70% of restaurants in Penang purchase noodle from Li Hao.


After 13 years of learning from Li Gao noodle Manufacturer, Chin’ father decided to explore more so he went to Kuala Lumpur to start his new chapter of career life. Chin’s father was introduced by one friend and went into a restaurant called New Hong Kong (新香港) located at Sungei Wang main door to become a head chef. All wanton noodle was hand made by Chin’s father and sell in the restaurant.

The business owner decided not to operate the restaurant and close down the restaurant. So, Chin’s father decided to come out and start a noodle manufacturer at home, so Chin go and help out to learn how to manufacture noodle.


Chin realize a lot of noodles in the market did not focus on the quality and taste. So he decided to start his own noodle manufacturer business to provide high quality noodle to the restaurant until today!

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